I'm On The Edge

Written by: Owen Hurter

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I'm on the edge, I'm looking down
I'm standing on my solid ground
I'm safe and sound if I remain
This raging flood could not be tamed

My destiny has somehow found this sacred place
This hallowed ground
Where I decide and where I choose whether I gain
Or if I lose it all.

And I can hear You calling me to take a leap and jump

And I'll go deeper, deeper, I want to go deeper
Wash my feet from under me
Deeper, deeper, carry me deeper, I ask You, Lord
To carry me, carry me higher, deeper
Closer to the heart of who You are
Capture me and take possesion of my all

The time has come and finally the past could be
Just history
I'm diving in, no turning back, I'm letting go
I'm going deeper like that

I've had many times when I've doubted
But no more, I'm diving in
I'm counting down and then it is over
Yesterday will be no more, as I take a leap and jump

Owen Hurter

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

Writers: Owen Hurter

Themes: Thirst for God