O The Joy Of Your Forgiveness

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

© 1988 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 527788

O The Joy Of Your Forgiveness As sung by: Dave Bilbrough

Writers: Dave Bilbrough

Original Key: G

G      Bm             Am7  D
O, the joy of Your forgiveness, 
G      Bm            Am7    B7
Slowly sweeping over me;
Em     Em/D         Am7    D
Now in heartfelt adora  -  tion 
Am7                D   G/B
  This praise I'll bring 
Am7          D     G/B
  To You, my King, 
Am7            D7      Gsus4    G

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O, the joy of Your forgiveness
Slowly sweeping over me
Now in heartfelt adoration
This praise I'll bring
To You, my King
I'll worship You, my Lord

Dave Bilbrough

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© 1988 Thankyou Music