Over All

Written by: Nick Herbert, Tom Read

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Over All As sung by: Tom Read & Nick Herbert

Original Key: E

Verse 1:
E        G♯m   C♯m             A
  Higher than all the heavens in their splendor,
E         G♯m         C♯m    A
  First before all life.
E         G♯m        C♯m                  A
  Ageless skies declare your works and all your wonder,
E        G♯m     C♯m    A
  All creation cries.

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Higher than all the heavens in their splendor
First before all life
Ageless skies declare Your works and all Your wonder
All creation cries

You are God over all
Take my heart, take my soul, my soul,
You are over all

Heaven's King, the depths of earth now bear Your footprints
You came down for love
The greatest gift You delivered in Your person
Heaven meeting earth

One hope, one faith, one Lord
One Father over all

Tom Read & Nick Herbert

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