Written by: Tom Read, Trevor Siu

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Come As sung by: Tom Read

Original Key: E

Verse 1:
Humbled and hurting, frail and confused,
  A      B    E
I come before You, Lord.
Coming to You, down on my knees,
  A       B    E
I fall before You, Lord.

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Humbled and hurting
Frail and confused
I come before You Lord
Coming to You
Down on my knees
I fall before you Lord

You restore my brokenness

Come, lift me up on wings
I will rise with You
You renew my strength
Come, lift me up on wings
You restore my soul
Now my spirit sings

My sins drag behind me
Like chains on my heart
I fall before you God
In total surrender
I offer my life
To you my God

Now I'm sanctified
By the blood of the Lamb
I come before my King
Found in Your glory
Held in Your hand
I stand with you, my King

Tom Read & Trevor Siu

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© 2009 Thankyou Music