Broken Hearts Can Sing

Written by: Tim Hughes, Marc James, Tom Read

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Broken Hearts Can Sing As sung by: Tom Read

Original Key: E

Verse 1:
     E         B/D♯ 
Holy One, holy One,
         C♯m                A
You are faithful, You are strong.
              E                   B/D♯ 
The sound of truth, the sound of life,
          C♯m            A     E    B/D♯    C♯m    A
Let your mercy fill the earth.
Verse 2:

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Holy One, holy one
You are faithful, You are strong
The sound of truth
The sound of life
Let Your mercy fill the earth

You're the reason broken hearts can sing
Let the sound of Your praises ring

Holy One, holy one
Ever faithful, ever strong
The sound of hope
The sound of love
Let Your glory flood the earth

We're lifting up our eyes  
Lifting up our lives
Lifting up our praise to You
We're lifting up our songs
Lifting up our all
Lifting up our praise to You

Tom Read, Marc James & Tim Hughes

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