This Is Your Day

Written by: Dave Kull

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Original Key: F#m

Verse 1:
F♯m              D
    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
A                        E
    O God, you saved my soul.
F♯m                     D
    There's nowhere else I'd rather be,
A                      E
    Jesus you are my home.
Bm            A/C♯                   D
    To the One who gave his life for me;
Bm            A/C♯                 E
    To the Son who set my spirit free.
    Shout it from the rooftops,
        A                       E
    Make it loud, this is your day.
    Love has come to save us,
       A                       E
    To break us out and make a way.
                     Bm                   A
    Like a rolling stone, like a blazing fire,
    Keep the faith alive.
                    Bm                      A
    This is not the end, this is where it starts,
                  E               F♯m
    Open up your heart.  [To end]
        D    A    E        D   A    E
    Oh,      oh.      Oh,      oh.
Verse 2:
F♯m             D
    Amazing love, the sweetest thing,
A                      E
    That I have ever known.
F♯m                D
    If I have you, I have it all,
A                      E
    This is where I belong. 

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Oh God you saved my soul
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Jesus you are my home

To the One who gave His life for me
To the Son who set my spirit free

Shout it from the rooftops
Make it loud
This is your day
Love has come to save us
To break us out and make a way

Like a rolling stone
Like a blazing fire
Keep the faith alive
This is not the end
This is where it starts
Open up your heart

2x Ohh...

Amazing love the sweetest thing
That I have ever known
If I have you I have it all
This is where I belong

Dave Kull 

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