The Tempo Of My Heartbeat (Too much)

Written by: Rend Collective

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The Tempo Of My Heartbeat (Too much) As sung by: Rend Collective

Writers: Rend Collective

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
Am7        F2
    The tempo of my heartbeat
G           C2
    Adjusts to match the moment;
Am7          F2
    Your presense wraps around
      G           C2
    A dust formed man.
Am7              F2
    You're close enough to whisper,

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Adjusts to match the moment
Your presence wraps around a dust-formed man
You're close enough to whisper
The infinite is imminent
The one who bought my heart with blood draws near

Immanuel, God is in this place
Immanuel, You are here

And I try to take it in, the beauty of it all
The beauty of You

My heart waits still and quiet
And contemplates the mystery
Of glory juxtaposed with sin-stained man
It's like two lovers meeting
But instead of lips connecting
My soul is pressed against true love Himself

But I admit defeat, it's all too much for me
You are just too much for me

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