In the early morning light (Because He lives)

Written by: Noel Richards, Tricia Richards

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In the early morning light (Because He lives) As sung by: Noel Richards

Original Key: C

Tempo: 152.00

Verse 1:
C        F        G        C
  In the early morning light,
     F             Gsus4    G
Mary made her way;
C          F         G        C
  One more time to say goodbye,
F           Am       Gsus4   G
Where her master lay.
C          F        G       C
  Tears of sorrow turn to joy,

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Mary made her way
One more time to say goodbye
Where her Master lay
Tears of sorrow turn to joy
Hear the angels say
You won't find the Savior here
Christ is risen today

Because He lives
Because He lives
We have a hope that will remain
Because He gives eternal life
To those who call upon His name

As we journey through this world
Singing God's great song
Age to age the story told
Of the risen one
Holy fire breathe on us
Resurrection power
Signs and wonders follow us
Every waking hour

Jesus lives x 4

Noel & Tricia Richards

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