King Of This World

Written by: Jennie Lee Riddle, Crystal Yates

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You find me in joy
You'll find me in sorrow
You've been seeking me today
You'll be seeking me tomorrow
I find You in joy
I'll find You in sorrow
I am seeking You today
I'll be seeking You tomorrow

King of this world
You're holding my hand
And as long as I hold on to You
I know I can stand

You find me peace
You'll find me in trouble
You will rescue me today
You will rescue me tomorrow
I find You in peace
I'll find You in trouble
I will rest in You today
I will rest in You tomorrow

Because You're here
I fear no evil
Because You're here
The way is made straight
Because You're here
There's good for Your people
Because You're here
Everything's changed

Jennie Lee Riddle & Crystal Yates


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