Oh What A Love

Written by: Graham Kendrick, Stuart Townend

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Oh What A Love As sung by: Graham Kendrick

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
A           Asus4    A     Asus4
Oh, what a love I've found,
                 A     Asus4
That first loved me.
    A          Asus4   A  Asus4
And oh, what a joy is mine,
          A    Asus4
What liberty.

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Oh what a love I've found
That first loved me
Oh what a joy is mine
What liberty
How wide, how wonderful
The grace that taught my soul to sing

Hallelujah, what a Savior
Oh what mercy
Oh there has never been a greater love
All the glory, praise and honor
To the One who first loved me

Pierced by Your love's pure gaze
I saw my sin
Paid at the cross of shame
Now I am clean
And oh the mystery
That You, my God, should die for me

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