Worship The Great I Am

Written by: Walker Beach

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Worship The Great I Am As sung by: Kari Jobe

Writers: Walker Beach

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
A     C      G         D
Glory to the Lord most high,
A        C       G    D
King of pow'r and light.
A       C        G     D
Angels sing as heaven bows,
A        C         G    D
Earth resounds their song. [Repeat]
    Chorus 1.

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Glory to the Lord Most High
King of pow'r and light
Angels sing as Heaven bows
Earth resounds their song

Worthy worthy Jesus is worthy
Praise to the Son of Man
Glory and honor crown You forever
Worship the Great I Am

Glory to the Prince of Life
Sacred Son of God
Risen to glory vowed His returning
Christ shall come again

Glory to the promised One
Holy Spirit of God
Pour out upon us power from Heaven
Fill us with Your love


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