Redemption Day

Written by: Nick Herbert, Martin Smith

© 2013 Thankyou Music & Gloworks | CCLI: 6525725

Redemption Day As sung by: Martin Smith

Original Key: F

Verse 1:
What a victory
when the sky fell down
and the curtain tore
    C6             Am
so we could be as one.
What a mystery

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What a victory
When the sky fell down
And the curtain tore
So we could be as one
What a mystery
When Your love came down
And our hearts were drawn
Into Your majesty

Oh redemption
Oh Redemption Day

What a victory
That You left Your home
Went to hell and back
For our iniquities
What a mystery
That we turned our backs
On the greatest love
This world has ever seen

We’ll be standing
Now we’re singing

Oh the joy
You are my salvation
Oh the joy
Jesus my salvation
Oh the joy
Forgiveness leads to a brand new start
We’ll be standing on Redemption Day

What a history
That You loved the world
Turned it upside down
On the cross at Calvary
What a destiny
That we’ll rise again
At the journey’s end
Where our life begins with You

We’ll be standing
Now we’re singing

Martin Smith & Nick Herbert

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