What Love Is This

Written by: Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes, Kari Jobe

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You never change
You are the God You say You are
When I'm afraid
You come and still my beating heart
You stay the same
When hope is just a distant thought
You take my pain
And You lead me to the cross

What love is this
That You gave Your life for me
And made a way for me to know You
And I confess You're always enough for me
(You're all I need)

I look to You
I see the scars upon Your hands
And hold the truth
That when I can't You always can
And standing here
Beneath the shadow of the cross
I'm overwhelmed
That I keep finding open arms

Jesus in Your suffering
You were reaching
You thought of me

Always enough for me
Always enough for me

Copyright © 2012 Integrity's Praise! Music, Worship Together Music, Shout! Publishing

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