Written by: Matt Redman

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Befriended As sung by: Matt Redman

Writers: Matt Redman

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
   Em7         Asus                             D
Befriended, befriended by the King above all kings
   Em7          Asus                                 D
Surrendered, surrendered to the friend above all friends
Verse 2:
  Em7      Asus                    D
Invited, invited deep into this mystery
  Em7         Asus                            D
Delighted, delighted by the wonders I have seen

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Befriended by the King above all kings.
Surrendered to the Friend above all friends.

Invited deep into this mystery.
Delighted by the wonders I have seen.

This will be my story,
This will be my song:
You'll always be my Savior,
Jesus, You will always have my heart.

Astounded that Your gospel beckoned me.
Surrounded, but I've never been so free.

Determined now to live this life for You.
You're so worthy,
My greatest gift would be the least You're due.

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