Wholly Yours

Written by: Brandon Collins, Richie Fike, Jonathan Lee, Jennie Lee Riddle

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There’s a war that’s raging for my soul
I call You Lord but I’m thirsty for control
Let this be the last time, I give back my heart
I’m wholly Yours
Wholly Yours

I’m so tired of this sin that clings so close
These petty lies that wreck my heart the most
Right here in this moment, I give back/You my soul
It’s wholly yours
Wholly Yours

Father in your presence, I come to surrender
At the cross
I lay down ambition, fear and indecision
Take it all
Holy King of heaven, this is all my heart’s been aching for
Make me yours
Wholly yours

The new is come but the old is haunting me
You say it’s gone, but it seems a part of me
Even if it breaks me, Lord, do what it takes
I’m wholly yours

I give myself away
Desperate and broken
You break the sinner’s chains
Come break this sinner’s chains
I give my everything
My heart is open
And I just wanna give it to You

Richie Fike, Jennie Lee Riddle, Jonathan Lee, Brandon Collins

Copyright © 2014 Integrity's Praise! Music, Universal Music-Brentwood Benson Tunes/JLee Publishing, Memory House Music

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