Written by: Brandon Collins, Chad Collins, Jennie Lee Riddle, Jenn Sinclair

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Lord I lay me down to rest
Breathing in Your holiness
I'm content and quiet, still
I long for You

Nearer, nearer
Draw me near to You
Nearer, nearer
Draw me near to You

Bless the Lord my soul to keep
Wake me with Your light and peace
Mercy comes with morning breaks
I long for You

God You are my present peace
All my help, my hope, my strength
I can't get enough O God
I long for You

O the fullness of Your presence
O the riches of Your grace
Overflow with all Your goodness
Bend and let me touch Your face

Jennie Lee Riddle, Brandon Collins, Chad Collins, Jenn Sinclair

Copyright © 2014 Integrity's Praise! Music, Memory House Music, Soul's Paradox Music

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