We Will Worship Him

Written by: Brenton Brown

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Original Key: E

Verse 1:
         E                   A2
Let us come together, let us join as one,
       F♯m7                  E
Let us turn our faces to the rising sun.
Let us go up to Zion, to God's holy hill:
         F♯m7           Bsus4   E
A mighty army that will worship Him.
We will worship Him,
We will worship Him.
Jesus, He's our King,
Bsus4             E
We will worship Him.
Let the oceans roar,
Let the heavens ring
                    F♯m7      Bsus4    E    A2    F♯m7    E
To the glory of our God as we worship Him.
Verse 2:
It is time for battle, it is time for war,
As we sing hosanna, as we praise the Lord.
He will still the accuser, crush the enemy,
As we celebrate God's victory.

Let us join as one
Let us turn our faces
To the rising Son

Let us go up to Zion
To God's holy hill
A mighty army that
Will worship Him

We will worship Him
We will worship Him
Jesus, He's our King
We will worship Him
Let the oceans roar
Let the heavens ring
To the glory of our God
As we worship Him

It is time for battle
It is time for war
As we sing hosanna
As we praise the Lord

He will still the accuser
Crush the enemy
As we celebrate God's victory

Yesu Inkosi, Yesu Inkosi,
Yesu Inkosi, Yesu Inkosi
(King Jesus/Jesus is king)

Brenton Brown

Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music

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