Finally Free

Written by: Rend Collective

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Finally Free As sung by: Rend Collective

Writers: Rend Collective

Original Key: C

Tempo: 126.00

Verse 1:
Your mercy rains from heaven
        F          C
like confetti at a wedding,
    F        C              Gsus4
and I am celebrating in the downpour.
Your heart is wild with colour
       F            C
like a never-ending summer.

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Your mercy rains from heaven
Like confetti at a wedding
And I am celebrating
In the down pour

Your heart is wild with color
Like a never-ending summer
You burn away the winter
Of my cold and weary heart

My soul cries out Holy Holy
My heart is lost in your beauty
All hope is found in your mercy
You paid the price now I am
Finally free

Your grace oh God’s the anchor
That’s holding me forever
Come trouble or high water
I am steadfast

You lift me when I’m sinking
Like the swell of mighty oceans
The power of redemption
It gives me wings to soar

We’ll cast our crowns before him
Like the rusting leaves of autumn
Now every chain lies broken

Gareth Gilkeson & Chris Llewellyn

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