Written by: Dave Kull, Debby Sita

© 2013 Integrity's Praise Music! & ICF Music | CCLI: 7011129

Heartbeat As sung by: ICF Worship

Original Key: C

Tempo: 130.00

Verse 1:
    Am                 C
You knew my heart from the first beat.
      G                Dm
I was spoken for; Your claim on me.
    Am                   C
You breathed Your life into my bones,
    G                 Dm
and moved my heart to what moves Yours.

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You knew my heart
From the first beat
I was spoken for
Your claim on me
You breathed Your life
Into my bones
And moved my heart
To what moves Yours

I’m living to Your heartbeat
The rythm of grace within me
I’m living to the sound of Your voice
Calling me

Enfold my heart
And speak to me
Beside the mysteries
You keep
Reveal Your truth
What eyes can’t see
Unveil the strength
That lives in me

Your call on my heart
Is what I live for
This stirring inside
I won’t ever ignore
Jesus your voice
Is what I follow
I am Yours

Debora Sita & Dave Kull

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© 2013 Integrity's Praise Music! & ICF Music