Jesus Healer

Written by: Aaron Boyd

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 158.00

G         C     G/B
  On the cross, blood and water flowed;
          C        Em      G
The Son of Man was lifted high,
          C       G/B
His body broken, broken for the world,
1. And this is love.
               C          D
2. And this is love, this is love.
    G             D
    Jesus, Jesus, healer;
    C                       D
    Be lifted up, be lifted up.
          G                                D
    Your Kingdom come, Your will be done forever,
       C              Em   D   G   D   C   Em   D
    1. Be lifted up today.                        On the...
       C              Em   D   G
    2. Be lifted up today.  [To Bridge]
       C              Em   D
    3. Be lifted up today.  [Chorus repeat]
       C              Em   D   C
    4. Be lifted up today.
G                    D
By Your stripes and wounds we are made whole,
By Your death we live.
The cross defeated all our sickness and pain,
We're ransomed by the King.

On the cross
Blood and water flowed
The Son of Man was lifted high
His body broken
Broken for the world
This is love
This is love

Jesus Jesus Healer
Be lifted up
Be lifted up
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done
Be lifted up today

By Your stripes and wounds
We are made whole
By Your death we live
The cross defeated
All our sickness and pain
We're ransomed by the King

Aaron Boyd

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