Pursue Me

Written by: Ben Cantelon, Luke Hellebronth, Daniela Hogger, Jason Ingram

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 152.00

Verse 1:
C        G/B    D    C         G/B   D  Em
  Unrelenting grace,   never failing mercy,
C             G/B   D    C              Em     D
  Found me in my  shame,    and gave me life again.
      Father, You love me,
      I hear You singing
    Em                     C
      You are calling me home.
      You run towards me
      With love and mercy;
      Though I'm unworthy,
      C            G   D     Em   C
    1.  You pursue me. [To v.2]
      C            G   D/F♯   Em   C
    2.  You pursue me.              [Repeat] To Bridge
Verse 2:
C              G/B    D   C                  G/B   D   Em
  The moment I cried out,    there You were, my   rescue;
C              G/B   D   C          Em      D
  In Your arms restored,    forever  I  am Yours.
       G                   D/F♯
You're ev'rything to me, forgiven, I believe,
   Em                  C
Forever I am Yours, forever I am Yours. [Repeat]
G/B     D/F♯     Em     C
                          [To Chorus]
G   D/F♯     Em    C   
                      You pursue me.
G   D/F♯     Em    C   
                      You pursue me.

Unrelenting grace
Never failing mercy
Found me in my shame
And gave me life again

Father, You love me
I hear You singing
You are calling me home
You run towards me
With love and mercy
Though I'm unworthy
You pursue me

The moment I cried out
There You were, my rescue
In Your arms restored
Forever I am Yours

You're ev'rything to me
Forgiven, I believe
Forever I am Yours
Forever I am Yours

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