How Great You Are

Written by: Joel Sczebel, Pat Sczebel

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Our God is great
The Father of creation
His splendor fills the earth
The lightning crash
The thunder sings His praises
The galaxies can't help but shout His worth

My soul must sing to You an offering
How great You are
My soul must sing oh let the heavens ring
How great You are
Oh how great You are

The word made flesh
God's promise to the fallen
He came with power to save
The light of life was crushed for our rebellion
He died our death and rose up from the grave

Our King will come
With trumpet blasts resounding
To claim His blood-washed bride
He'll rend the skies descending in His glory
And in an instant faith will turn to sight

Joel Sczebel | Pat Sczebel

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