Wholly Yours

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham

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Wholly Yours As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: A

Tempo: 117.00

Verse 1:
A              A/G♯              F♯m7                 A          A/C♯
You died in my place, bore my disgrace, stood in the face of the enemy.
Bm                 Bm7                 E
Love raged against sin, fought to the death, conquered the power of darkness
      A               A/G♯                   F♯m7                A        A/C♯
When love made the exchange. Once, there was wrath; once, I was lost to depravity.
Bm                     Bm/A             E
Now, You've opened the grave giving Yourself to save us.

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You died in my place
Bore my disgrace
Stood in the face
Of the enemy
Love raged against sin
Fought to the death
Conquered the power
Of darkness when
Love made the exchange
Once there was wrath
Once I was lost to depravity
Now, You've opened the grave
Giving Yourself to save us

I'm wholly Yours
I'm held by the power
Of Your love
Jesus I'm wholly Yours
And nothing can tear us apart
Living for only Jesus
Only You

Now I stand in Your grace
I live in the place
Of knowing I'm chosen
Accepted and loved
Forgiveness is mine
I'm hidden in Christ
I can depend on Your goodness
And come
Knowing I'm safe
Knowing You’re truth
Trusting the promise
You'll never let go
Fear has no hold
Free in the joy of knowing

So, I look to the day
The passing away
Of all that is crippling and
Painful, when tears
No longer will fall
Death is no more
All of our aching will be satisfied
God in our midst
Shining so bright
Lighting up all that
He's given to us
A beautiful life
Reigning with Christ in glory

Lou Fellingham & Nathan Fellingham

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