You Are My Peace

Written by: Sam Cox, Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Nick Herbert

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 150.00

Verse 1:
G                      C
When my fears are overtaking,
               Em                   C
When I feel forsaken, God is by my side.
G                            C
Constant when the ground is shifting,
                Em                         C
And my head is spinning, God will hold me tight.
   D    Em     C
My hope is in You,
   Am7     Bm7    C
My strength is renewed.
                D                 Em
    You are my peace, You are my peace,
                   C               G
    You infuse my heart again with life.
             D                   Em
    My confidence, through ev'ry fear,
    I will trust You, Jesus, my supply.
     Gsus4   G   G/D    D
                        [ - to v.2]
     Gsus4   G
              [ - Chorus Rpt]
     G       G/D

When my fears are overtaking
When I feel forsaken
God is by my side
Constant when the ground
Is shifting
And my head is spinning
God will hold me tight

My hope is in You
My strength is renewed

You are my peace
You are my peace
You infuse my heart again
With life
My confidence
Through every fear
I will trust You Jesus
My supply

Darkness sometimes
Comes to taunt me
Tells me I’m unworthy
Of the Father’s love
But I will turn again to Jesus
Unashamed in weakness
Covered by His blood

My hope is in You
My strength is renewed

There is blessing in the waiting
There is refuge in the storm
There is comfort in abiding
We are safe in the arms of God

Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Sam Cox & Nick Herbert

Copyright © 2014 Thankyou Music

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