Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Nick Herbert

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Roar As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: G

Tempo: 160.00

Verse 1:
  O God, come move among us, stretch out Your mighty hand,
  Come show Your gracious mercy, salvation to our land.
    C    Am                 G
You roar,   breathing life again.
Verse 2:
  We long to see revival, Your Gospel shown to all,

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O God come move among us
Stretch out Your mighty hand
Come show Your gracious
Salvation to our land
You roar
Breathing life again

We long to see revival
Your Gospel shown to all
Raise up a loving people
Who follow as You call
You roar
Breathing life again

No force is greater
Than Your love
No power is stronger
Than our God
No shout is louder
Than Your roar
No darkness greater
Than Your light
Your truth is stronger
Than the lie
All things surrender
As You roar

Bring comfort in the sorrow
Shine hope into despair
Let light destroy the shadow
Let there be healing there
You roar
Breathing life again

Speak value to the broken
Drown out the enemy
Your faithful love enfold them
Release Your liberty
You roar
Breathing life again

The rescue plan is now in play
Breath of God with us today
Savior of this dying world
Release Your roar again

Come turn Your hand of justice
Come set the prisoners free
Restore what has been taken
Give back their dignity
You roar
Breathing life again

Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham & Nick Herbert

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