All Hail King Jesus

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Nick Herbert

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 134.00

          Am             Em/G
You sit enthroned in majesty,
        F            Dm
Lord we gaze on Your beauty.
         Am           Cmaj7
Faithful God, eternal One,
       F             Gsus4   G
We cry out: 'You are wor  -  thy.'
     F    G   Csus4   C
All hail King Je  -  sus,
     F    G   Csus4   C
All hail King Je  -  sus,
         F     G   Csus4  C
By Your blood You freed   us
          F     G      C
Christ Messiah, Son of God.
          G    F      C
    Holy, holy is the Lord,
          G         F    C
    God Almighty forevermore.
           F       C/E
    You command my breath,
            F   G  Am
    Calling out my song.
          F  C          F  C
    Holy, holy, You are holy
         Gsus4     Am  C   Dm   Am   C   G
    Lord of all.   [1st time Repeat]
         Gsus4    G   Am   C   Dm   Am   C   F
    Lord of all.
                      Am   C   Dm   Am   C   F   C   G  Fmaj7   G

You sit enthroned
In majesty
Lord we gaze
On Your beauty
Faithful God
Eternal One
We cry out
You are worthy

All hail King Jesus
All hail King Jesus
By Your blood You freed us
Christ Messiah, Son of God

Holy holy is the Lord
God Almighty forevermore
You command my breath
Calling out my song
Holy holy, You are holy
Lord of all

Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham & Nick Herbert

Copyright © 2014 Thankyou Music

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