Light Of God

Written by: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty

© 2005 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 4642129

Light Of God As sung by: Keith Getty / Kristyn Getty

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
C     Em7   Am        Dm7   C/E  F      C/G  G
Light of    God, come dwell within Your people, 
Dm   Dm/F    G  G/B F        C/E     Gsus4    G
As   in  -   tended from the dawn of time.
C    Em7  Am        Dm7   C/E   F          C/G    G
Make Your goodness, e  -  choed through cre - a - tion, 
Dm   Dm/F  G   G/B   C   C/E  Gsus4  G   C
Our  de - si - re;   joy of  the       Divine.

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Come dwell within Your people,
As intended
From the dawn of time.
Make Your goodness,
Echoed through creation,
Our desire;
Joy of the divine.

Holy Spirit,
Break through our darkness;
Holy Spirit,
Breathe through our lives.
Light of God, come
Radiant and glorious;
Perfect wisdom
In this world today.

Light of God come,
To Your fallen people,
As we follow
In the steps of Christ.
May Your fragrance
Beautify Your people,
As we mirror
Our Creator's light.

Light of God, come
Claim Christ's stolen glory.
Burn the shadows
With the flame of truth
May Your church rise
Stars within the darkness,
Giving glory
To the Lord of Light.

Light Divine, come,
Father of all beauty
Son of goodness,
Spirit of all truth.
Move us, use us,
People of Your vision,
As we wait for
Our returning King.

Keith & Kristyn Getty

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