Whoopah Wahey

Written by: Doug Horley

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God loves you, whoopah, wahey!
God loves us, whoopah, wahey!
God loves you.

I'm gonna shout, gonna make some noise.
I'm gonna sing, gonna raise my voice.
I'm gonna dance, gonna go a little crazy,
Will you?

I'm gonna jump, gonna jump up high,
I'm gonna raise my hands to the sky.
I'm gonna dance, gonna go completely loopy,
Will you?

Whoo, whoo, pah, wah-eh-hey-eh.
Whoo, whoo, pah, wah-eh-hey-eh.
Whoo, whoo, pah, wah-eh-hey-eh,
God loves you and nothing you can do
Will ever change that.

Doug Horley

Copyright © 1999 Thankyou Music

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