My Life's On That Page

Written by: Leslie Jordan

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If it was a part of the plan
Then I’ve had it easier than many other men
If You look at me and love me more
Then how could I say I’ve never felt love before

I guess I have

Chorus 1
My life’s on that page
I’ve been passed by and dropped on my face
And they size me up to someone else who better suits their needs
And they forget about me

I’ll never give up, I’m too strong
My momma said that it wouldn’t be too long
Before they came along and took me home
And set my face next to the TV and the phone

There I am

When my momma’s gone, will you leave too?
Or will I have some hope that’s left for my youth?
Please look at me, and say You care
Cause I cannot find the one who bought me anywhere

But You’re right there

My life’s on that page
I’ve been passed by and dropped on my face
And You size me up for someone else who better suits your needs
And You forget about me

Chorus 2
My life’s on Your page
They passed You by and spit on Your face
They hung You up and beat You down and said things that weren’t true
How could they ever forget about You?

Copyright © 2011 Integrity's Praise! Music

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