The Angel Gabriel

Written by: Chrissie Pepper

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He came to see a girl
Sent by God he came -
Mary was her name.
He said 'Don't be afraid!
It's what the prophets said:
You're the chosen one,
To give birth to God's son.'

'You shall call His name Jesus,
He will save His people from their sin;
Every knee will bow and tongue shout out
That Jesus is the King of Kings!'

'God's power is on you
What He says will all come true
A miracle you'll see
You'll give birth to God's baby.
He truly will be great
Son of the most high
His kingdom and reign
It will never end.'

Lai lai lai lai lai
Lai lai lai lai lai
Lai lai lai lai lai
Hoy! (etc)

Chrissy Pepper

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

Writers: Chrissie Pepper

Themes: Children