Have You Heard The Story

Written by: Tracy Brown

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A baby was born tonight
Lying in a manger,
No room at the inn.
They say His name is Jesus,
That He is the Son of God
We've waited many years for
His life to begin.

Singing Allelujah, O Lord You have given us
Singing Allelujah, The gift of Your Son.
Singing Allelujah, Now we can be close to You
Singing Allelujah, For the things You have done.

There's a tiny baby,
He's staying in Bethlehem;
When the angels tell them,
The shepherds all bow.
'We should see the baby
Who's going to be a King.
Hurry to the stable,
Let's worship Him now.'

Wise men on a journey,
They follow a brand new star
Traveling by camel,
Three presents they bring.
Far across the desert,
They travel on through the night.
They are so excited
To worship the King.

We have heard the story
Our lives can be difference now.
The story in the Bible
Of Jesus is true.
He would love to meet us
'Cause He is alive today.
Come on everybody,
Let's worship Him too.

Tracy Brown

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

Writers: Tracy Brown

Themes: Children