Surely Surely

Written by: Jr Jerry Harris, Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey, Kevin Singleton

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Surely surely He is holy
Holy holy He is
Surely surely
He is worthy
Worthy worthy of
All of the praise

Don’t hold back
Give Him all you’ve got
And the praise don’t stop
‘Til the walls come down
Lift your hands
Open up your mouth
With a mighty shout
To the Lord

Yes Yes
Shout shout shout
Til the walls come down

Walls of rejection
Anger depression
Surely they’ve got to come down

Walls of addiction
Disease and affliction
Surely they’ve got to come down

Diseases in the blood line
Generational curses
Those walls must come down
Violence and bloodshed
In communities
And overflow of hearses
Those walls must come down
Over sexuality lesbianism
Demonic perversion
Those walls must come down
We're the generation not afraid
To make this bold declaration
Those walls must come down

'Till the walls come down
Everybody shout
Break the power of the culture
Everybody shout

Shout the walls down

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