When The Day Begins

Written by: Mike Busbee, Geraldine Agatha Latty

© 2005 Thankyou Music/The Livingstone Collective | CCLI: 4516932

Let the morning bring
Mercy melodies that feed my soul.
When the evening comes,
And the day is done,
Father, quiet me with songs of love.

So I can know You,
Hear what You say,
So I can walk with You
To the places that need Your grace

In my hopes and dreams,
In everything I see,
Your perception is the truth I need.
In the things I do, all that I pursue,
Thread Your presence
Through the heart of me.

Lord, I often trust
In what I see and what I touch.
Let my choices rest in everything You are.

Geraldine Latty & busbee

© 2005 Thankyou Music/The Livingstone Collective