Thank You For The Cross

Written by: Brian Doerksen, Kathryn Scott

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Long before the world’s creation
You chose a people for Yourself
You knew the times and places we’d be born
Though we chose sin’s separation
You already had a plan
To reconcile Your children through the cross

Look the Lamb of God
Who takes away our sins

Thank You thank You
For Your love that saved us Jesus
Thank You thank You for the cross
With our hearts on fire
And our hands raised high we’re singing
Thank You thank You for the cross
Thank You thank You for the cross

Yours the life that transformed history
Yours the truth that sets us free
We stand before You now on holy ground
Overshadowed by Your glory
Held in everlasting arms
Your life and death turned everything around

You have rescued us
Bought us with Your blood
Thank You for the cross

Copyright © 2007 Integrity's Hosanna! Music, Shining Rose Songs, Vertical Worship Songs

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