Every Day That I Live

Written by: Belinda Horley, Doug Horley, Steve Whitehouse

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Every day that I live, I will honor You.
Every dream that You give, I will cling to.
Every day I will try to make You smile.
Nothing ever for You is impossible,
All the problems we face
You are with us through.
Not one ounce of Your love
Will You hold back.

You are my God, how I love You,
You are my Friend, how I need You.
You are my Strength, You are my hope,
You are my song.

Every hurt, every pain, I will give to You.
In my sunshine and rain, I will worship You.
I will hold nothing back from You, my King.
All my doubts and my fears
Are much smaller now.
I don't face them alone,
I won't be that proud.
In the light of Your smile,
My spirit soars.

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music