We Will Serve The Lord

Written by: Tom Brooks, Rick Riso

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There are times for when I can’t always be
All my Mom and Dad want me to be
When I want to turn away Jesus says to stay
And He’ll hug the ones who really love me

Hand and hand and heart and heart
Together in the Lord
We will serve each other all in one accord
Father mother sister brother
We have been restored
United as a family we will serve the Lord

Every now and then although we’re just like friends
There are days when we don’t get along
But Jesus showed us how to live
He taught us to forgive
‘Cause He keeps our family growing stronger

With the heart of a child Jesus taught us to come
To make us His family God gave His son
So let’s forget about our pride
And put our differences aside
And be God’s family the way He wants us to be


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