Perfect Love

Written by: Mike Busbee, Geraldine Agatha Latty

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Holy One that knows no fault
Screen my thoughts.; Make me clean
Know the motives of my heart
When I see my selfish choice
When I glimpse your holiness
Then I realize again
Perfect Love has come to cleanse

Jesus Christ - Lord for all
Plant in me the kingdom seed
Search me Lord, when I'm found
Looking only to my needs
When I see the way you lived
How you dignified the poor
Then I realize again
How I need to know you more

Jesus Christ - Lamb of God
Love resolved to take our place
Who can write or describe
All of your self-giving grace
When I look at the brutal cross
Innocence and beauty slain
That's when I realize once more
You fully understand our pain

Jesus Christ - King of heaven
Qualified to wear the crown
In your face radiant grace
Draws us closer to your throne
When we see your generous heart
When we touch the world you love
That's when we realize again
Perfect Love is Perfect Hope

Geraldine Latty and busbee

Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music/The Livingstone Collective