Written by: Robert C Evans

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I'm short and fat
And I'm not too pretty
But, I'm the richest
Man in the city
It doesn't do me any good
I don't live like I should

And so I've
Got to see Jesus
Climb up a tree
I've got to see Jesus
I hope He sees me
I've got to see Jesus
My name is Zaccheus

I cheat a lot
When I collect taxs
From the poor
Oh, but the fact is
I've been feeling so blue
I don't know what to do
 (Repeat chorus)

I was so surprised
Jesus lifted His eyes
He called out to me
"Zaccheus, I'll
Come to your home
If you will come on down from
Out of that tree."

Oh, Lord Your love
Does set me free
I don't want to
Live so selfishly
I'm gonna give
My money to the poor
And then I think
I'll give some more

And so I'm glad
I went to see Jesus
I climbed up a tree
I went to see Jesus
I'm glad He saw me
I went to see Jesus
My name is Zaccheus
My name is Zaccheus
I'm glad I saw Jesus!  Yeah! 


Copyright © 1990 Integrity's Hosanna! Music

Writers: Robert C Evans

Themes: Commitment, Children