The Heavens They Preach

Written by: Lex Loizides

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They preach the glorious splendor of God.
The stars in the sky seem so out of reach,
Yet they whisper His wonderful love.
Day after day in a sermon of nature
The works of His hands lift their voice:
‘Wake up, you nations, and serve Your Creator,
There’s mercy in Him, so rejoice!’

And I’ll lift my heart and my hands to Him,
And I’ll let my life shine with love
To God’s wonderful Son.
He wears the crown, He’s the King.
Come and behold Him now,
Come and delight in His excellent virtues;
Seek Him while He can be found,
For He is the help and the hope
For all the world.

The prophets, they preached, they preached,
They preached that one day a Savior would come;
And suddenly men heard a heavenly speech,
The voice of God’s only Son.
Day after day in the streets and the temple
He taught them and met their needs,
And now through His death and His great resurrection
His glorious purpose succeeds.

Your people will preach, we’ll preach,
We’ll preach the unfailing riches of Christ;
There’s no one who’s fallen too far from His reach,
Who can’t come from death into life.
Day after day at the dawn of revival
The multitudes seek His face,
As we work to speed on His final arrival
And crown Him with glory and praise!

Copyright © 1997 Thankyou Music