We Stand Together

Written by: Lex Loizides

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WE STAND TOGETHER before our Savior,
We stand together in the cause of our God.
We have a vision, we’ve been commissioned
To raise a banner in the name of our God.

Once, when we were dead in our sin,
Our hearts were turned away,
But then the light of Christ broke in
And made us live again.
And if You could heal our blindness,
You can save our nation too,
So we give ourselves this day to follow You.

We’ll preach the gospel, we’ll tell the people.
About a Savior who has died on a cross.
With true compassion, without distraction,
While we have time we will deliver the lost.

Someday soon the King will come
With glory, power and might,
And all the hosts of heaven and hell
Will bow before the light.
And the nations will be gathered
For the righteous Judge will come,
And the blood-bought church
Will join the Risen One.

Copyright © 1996 Thankyou Music