Hands On The Cross

Written by: David Gate

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Hands On The Cross As sung by: David Gate

Writers: David Gate

Original Key: Am

Verse 1:
Am           F/A
Hands on the cross 
          C/G          G
That had once held the earth, 
Am            F/A
Thorns on the brow 
           C/G           G
Where once was heaven's crown: 
   Dm7          Am         G
Surrendered and humbled to death, 

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That once held the earth
Thorns on the brow
Where once was heaven's crown

Surrendered and humbled to death
Emptied and suffering with every breath

The Son, the man
The Christ, The Lamb
The Maker of all things

Raised from the tomb
And now sits on His throne
Soon to return
And to welcome us home
In splendor and wonder and might
With color and fire and blinding light

David Gate

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