Messiah's Song

Written by: Jared Anderson

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I'm following the star
I'm following my heart
I'm trying to believe this wonder that I see
The King who was to come is now a sleeping Child
The Savior of the world
So lowly meek and mild

Hallelujah hallelujah
Emmanuel our God with us
Hallelujah hallelujah
Emmanuel (our) God with us

Mary hold on tight
Your Baby born to die
Will save an evil world and bring us holy light
As prophets all foretold the Child that you now hold
Is a King inside a Boy
Let all the earth rejoice singin'

Singing glory to God in the highest
And on earth good will to men
Let the nations rejoice for a a Savior is born
Who is worthy of praise without end
He is worthy of praise without end

Emmanuel our God with us
Emmanuel God with us

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