Following A Star Named Jesus

Written by: Pam Andrews, Roger Greer, Gary Simmons

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He is in a little stable lying there
Waiting now to be adored
He'll be sleeping in a simple manger bed
It is Jesus He is Christ our Lord
We are following a star named Jesus
(Following a star named Jesus)
Trusting in the word foretold
(Trusting in the word foretold)
By the angels on high singing glory to God
Oh what a vision it was to behold
We are following following a star named Jesus

We were standing in the fields near Bethlehem
Watching over flocks by night
When the angel of the Lord appeared to us
And the glory of the Lord shown bright
Well at first we all were really terrified
Blinded by the light they made
Then the angel of the Lord came near to us
And he told us not to be afraid
Then the angel spoke about a happening
Tidings of great great joy
If you look you're gonna find in Bethlehem
There's a blessed little Baby Boy

All of a sudden there appeared a multitude
Of the angels in the sky saying
Glory to the Lord and peace on earth
They were telling us to testify
Then as quickly as they came they disappeared
Into Heaven up above
So we're doing what the angels told us to
We are following the Star of Love

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