Written by: Pam Andrews, Roger Greer, Gary Simmons

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I am a simple stable boy as you can plainly see
The donkeys and the hay are my responsibility
It's not the greatest joy you'll find in town
But I don't ever let itget me down

I try to look for good in all I see
The miracles that God has sent to me

See those stars a shinin' in the heaven
They twinkle endlessly
And feel that breeze
I hope it lasts forever
God's miracles are happ'ning
Yes indeed

With ev'ry single blade of grass
And ev'ry little bee
God's miracles surround us
Giving all a chance to see
The flowers and the sunshine up above
Remind us of His miracles of love

Just take the time to notice all the miracles around
The birds that fly up in the sky
And make a happy sound
You'll see His miracles in ev'ry place
And then you'll find a smile upon your face

Oh yes they're really happ'ning
God's miracles are happ'ning yes indeed

Copyright © 2002 Integrity's Hosanna! Music