A Better Way

Written by: Rita Baloche, John Chisum

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There is a higher road
There is a better way
But you follow the worldly wise
And heed what they prophesy
A voice cries above the din
Calling out from deep within you
Come away come away
To the higher road
And better way

Sometimes I think that you
Settle for less than the best
That He's got for you
It's not my place to say
Which road you should take
And it's not my place to choose
But could I share with you
Some truths I've learned
From the pain of my mistakes
I'd tell you

Sometimes I see I'm not giving
My best and fail the test
That He's given me
But mercy comes everyday
Still walking the walk of faith
And I want you to walk with me
You see I'm still a sinner
I need a Savior
I'm counting on His grace
'Cause I know

Copyright © 1996 Integrity's Hosanna! Music