Holy Communion

Written by: David Baroni

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Holy communion blessed embrace
Safe in the silence lost in Your gaze
Peace beyond measure
Shines from Your face
Holy communion blessed embrace

I'm weeping not for sorrow
Crying not for fear
There is no anxious moment
There are no bitter tears
There is no need for hurry
There is nowhere to go
My soul is bathed in silent grace
And the love that overflows

There is a song in silence
In the stillness there's a dance
And words beyond the speaking
In this heavenly romance
To hear Your Holy heart beat
Your Spirit breeze that blows
My soul's released in perfect peace
And the joy that overflows

And here in the holy of Holies
With the clamor and distractions locked outside
The only sound is the symphony of worship
And the love song of the Bridegroom and His bride
Oh the love song of the Bridegroom and His bride

Copyright © 1998 Integrity's Praise! Music