Worship In The Wilderness

Written by: David Baroni, Paul Smith

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Here where my heart is aching
Here where the earth is shaking
Beneath my feet of clay
Here in these lonely hours
Here where Your grace and power
Seem so far away
Beyond my strength I say

I will worship in the wilderness
Until I hear Your voice
I will worship in the wilderness
As broken bones rejoice
Until this barren desert blooms
My heart has made the choice to worship
Worship in the wilderness
I will worship worship in the wilderness

Here where my dream is dying
Here where my self-relying
Is sand that blows away
Here where the night is falling
Until I hear You calling
Calling out my name
Beyond my strength I say

And now in these times of testing
Still You will find me resting
Until from out of the ashes
New life will rise

Copyright © 1997 Integrity's Hosanna! Music, Integrity's Praise! Music