The Gift Of His Presence

Written by: Lee Black, Annette Oden

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Sometimes I get wrapped up
In wrapped up things
The presents and surprises
This season brings
But the toys break
And the sweaters fade
And the things in the boxes
Get misplaced
I may be young but I'm old enough
To know my life's about more
Than all that stuff

'Cause the best gift of all
Can't be wrapped with a bow
You can't measure its worth
In silver or gold
The treasure of treasures
Is when God comes near
And the gift of His
Presence is here

God knows all my wishes
My hopes and dreams
Before I even speak them
He knows my needs
'Cause He made me
And know I believe
That He put this wanter inside of me
So ev'ry day now
I pray for strength
To choose to want Him
More than anything


Copyright © 2007 Integrity's Hosanna! Music