Born To Worship

Written by: Lee Black, Annette Oden

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Every human heart is set in motion
With a deep desire to give something devotion
It's the way we all were wired
To know a love greater and higher
And to adore it with everything we are

So many voices call for my attention
But there never seems to be a single mention
Of the King who left His throne
To die for me and who alone
Deserves every passion of my heart

I was born to worship
I was born to worship
This is what my heart was made to do
I was born to worship
I was born to worship
But I know it's up to me to choose
So I've decided I will give my praise
To the only One to whom all praise is due
I was born to worship
And Lord I choose to worship You
Jesus I choose You

So let me hear the call and feel the hunger
To live before You overwhelmed in wonder
For the greatness of my King
I make my life my offering
Lord Jesus I bow to You alone

Copyright © 2008 Integrity's Hosanna! Music, Word Music, LLC