Your Whisper To My Soul

Written by: Brian Houston

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When I was like a child,
Lifted off the yoke,
Planted fields of hope
In this heart of mine.
You took me as I am,
You knew what I had done,
Still You took my shame,
And You called my name,
I was overcome.

When You broke the bonds
Of how I used to be,
You rolled away the stone,
You set the captive free.

I wanna thank You,
You're the God of mercy;
I wanna thank You, Lord,
For giving me peace.
I wanna thank You,
You're the God who loved me;
I wanna thank You,
You're the God who rescued me.

You covered all my sin,
Restored to me my youth again.
And I am satisfied,
For You have healed me
And redeemed me,
Crowned my head with endless beauty,
Endless beauty.

Brian Houston

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